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[pct-l] greetings

   Hey everybody.  I thought I would send my greetings and 
   aloha to all who read this my favorite mailing list.  
   I've acquainted myself with some of you on the old list,
   or was it not old? I'm not sure. So confused.   To introduce 
   myself again, or not, gee I've been working too damn long
   in front of this computer, I'm a phd student at the University
   of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy. I plan to defend next summer
   and join my lovely wife who is a student at UC San Fran, and
   try to avoid computers.  Actually, I would like to use wireless
   computing to create a new form of journalism on the trail and
   in unusual places.  But instead I'll probably wind up writing
   Java, heh.  I like to hike and hope to be in the sierras soon,
   but for now I'll have to amuse myself with a week on the north
   shore of Kaua'i.   

   Happy holidays and my best to the UH Rainbow Wahine, 1996
   NCAA Volleyball champions.

   Peace and love,

   Graham Knopp

ja, I'm from Wisconsin
fish is good food. 
all composite things 
decay, strive diligently.

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