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[pct-l] Hi!

At 08:59 PM 12/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I guess I should introduce myself to everyone.  I'm not sure who is out
>there but I'm 38, married and have 2 teenage girls.  My husband and I
>enjoy backpacking & hiking whenever we can.  I'm an Admin. Assist. for a
>large manufacturing company located on the east coast.  
>After posting to this list I realized that it was a west coast list and
>I live in PA which may make it hard for me to share much with the
>group.  I would like to stay here a bit and see what others have to say
>and learn something while I'm at it.
>Anyways, Hi everyone,
>Kathy :-)

It's not a "west coast list" - it's the PCT list!  Much good info about
the PCT, as well as other related hiking stuff.  So it certainly doesn't
matter where you live - some day, you may find yourself out west with
the opportunity to do some hiking, and then you'll know all about it!
Cross-germination between east and west hikers is good for us, anyway.


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