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Re: [pct-l] T-Shirt's

In a message dated 96-12-16 04:27:32 EST, CBERRY@ALOHA.intel.com (CHUCK
BERRY) writes:

<< Looking for T-Shirt's with a Backpacking or Outdoor motif.  Must be in the
Willamette Valley, OR area or available mail order. >>

I'm sure there are lots of places, but two that come to mind are:

PCT Store
c/o Laraine Downer
P.O. Box 976
Windsor, CA 95492-0976
(707) 874-1552   evening


Vermilion Valley Resort
Butch and Peggy Wiggs
email:  edisonlake@psnw.com

V V R is the home of the "John Muir Trail" T-shirt and is my nomination for
"T-shirt of the Year" (maybe, "...of the Decade").

One other source for T-shirts with the hiking/backpacking theme (like their
"Take a Hike" shirt) is the Sierra Club although I can't lay my hands on an
address right now. You can probably find out more by contacting your local
Sierra Club chapter.

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