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[pct-l] PCT Baja to Manning

I love the photo of Stehekin and a classic camp shelter. I spent a year
living at Holden Village (down lake from Stehekin) and spent many happy
hours in the local, aged, "boyscout" shelter. Several of us would often
ski out and spend the night. Thanks for the reminder.

parched in So Cal

> Link here is to the Stehekin
> Valley On-line paper which did a short story on our recent snowshoe trip
> and is a great info source on
> Stehekin..http://www.stehekinchoice.com/voices/photos/power_point_flash/showshoeing_2006/2006_monte_snowshoeing.htm<http://www.stehekinchoice.com/voices/photos/power_point_flash/showshoeing_2006/2006_monte_snowshoeing.htm>