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[pct-l] PCT Baja to Manning

George Meegan actually did something similar to this.  Although it was
"only" from Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska.  It took him 6 or 7 years and along
the way he got married and had 2 kids.  The entire journey was something
like 19000 miles and it is chronicled in the book The Longest Walk.  It is a
very entertaining and interesting book and i would reccommend it to anyone.
Peace and Love,
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> Hey Monte,
> Stop being such a pansy. Let's go for extreme thru hiking;  -- other
> than me that is. :-)
> Start at the south pole around Sept 21, then hike the bi-continental
> pacific crest trail thru South America (need to do some route finding)
> up the Isthmus of Panama Crest and keep on going on the PCT and then
> thru Canada to the North Pole by about the next Sept 21. And down south,
> you would have a stretch of ocean kayaking just to add more extreme
> adventure. Probably could sell the exclusive story/video rights to
> Discovery Channel to help pay for it.  Anyone fool enough to take this
> on.  Any one would only have to average around 70 miles per day. Start
> training now!
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> Monte Dodge wrote:
> >  Too bad Mexico doesn't have a trail from Cabo up the Baja to tie into
our PCT. You could start at Land's End Jan 1st. and still make it to the
kick off in time. Baja has miles of power lines and would serve as trail
just like our Mojave aquaduc. Lots of great mountains there to boots which
are some of the least explored anywhere. I ran into a bunch of VERY tall
locals near Santiago which I am told are direct grandsons of pirates that
retired and blended into the high hills. ( Lots of caves and rumors of gold
still hidden. ) One of the new hotels at Cabo just dug up a large jar of
gold Spanish coins while digging their foundation. It's time to hike the B
to B trail . ( Baja to Banff) Link here is to the Stehekin Valley On-line
paper which did a short story on our recent snowshoe trip and is a great
info source on
> er_point_flash/showshoeing_2006/2006_monte_snowshoeing.htm>
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