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[pct-l] Class of 05 thru-hike-completion rate?

Bob told me he counted them at the register at Campo.  


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>To clarify the kickoff number...
>Last year, we had 145 people pre-registered for ADZPCTKO who self-identified
>as "2005 thru hikers." We don't know:
>a) How many were actually attempting a thru hike and how many checked the
>wrong box
>b) How many of those 145 actually showed up at the kickoff
>c) How many additional, unregistered thru hikers showed up
>d) How many started north from the border during that 3-day period and how
>many started well before or after the kickoff
>e) How many finished
>All that is to say that the 145 number (which I tallied myself) is
>unreliable, at best, and certainly shouldn't be conflated with the
>completion rate.
>The other oddity is that the purported number of 2005 completers is
>significantly higher than 2004, in what was one of the most difficult years
>for thru hikers.
>ADZPCTKO Webmaster and registration counter
>On 2/23/06, dsaufley@sprynet.com <dsaufley@sprynet.com> wrote:
>> I think the number has been applied to the wrong event; Bob Reiss had
>> informed me that there were 145 thru hikers (section and day hikers removed
>> from count) that started north from the southern terminus between
>> Friday-Sunday of Kick-Off weekend last year.  It would be incredibly strange
>> if the number also applied to finishers, too, but I guess stranger things
>> have happened.
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