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[pct-l] Hitching

In a message dated 2/23/2006 4:09:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jlkeener@yahoo.com writes:

> Hitching is one of my favorite parts of hiking. I have
> met fascinating, wonderful people while doing it

I like hitiching too and have had similar experiences.  Of course, it's 
nothing new, the summer out of high school, I hitch from Vermont, across Canada to 
Banff, down to Glacier and back to Massachusetts.  My worst time was 
thumbing/waiting 24 hours in Brandon, Ontario, but withing 10 minutes of asking, I had 
a ride.  Hopped a train while I was in Canada too, that was fun!

Another alternative to getting back to the trail from town, attractive with a 
couple others, is to take a taxi.