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[pct-l] Super Secrets - Food Alert - Corn

So I am walking down the aisle in  Walmart today minding my own business when 
I see something I have often wondered  about.  We all know about fruit in 
light plastic cups, but I have not seen  veggies in any.  
I spot Walmart brand whole kernel  corn in small light plastic cups.  I love 
fresh corn.  You get 4  ounces in water.  The whole thing weighs 4.75 ounces.  
Looks super  good.  I don't know if a thru hiker would carry them, but as a 
Section  hiker, I have no problem at all along with some fruit cups.  Neat.   
This would be a great addition to my noodle dinners.
They are supposed to be  microwaveable, so I guess you could easily heat them 
up for a nice treat.   I hope they come out with some other veggies in 
plastic cups.
May be you already knew about this,  but it is news to me.
Your hiking buddy,  Switchback
Korny Trail Tramp & Camp Food  Tester