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[pct-l] Re: forest service

"JoAnn M." <jomike@cot.net> wrote:          First off you are aware of this issue as a visitor, I am by way of being "home grown". Secondly, I have a four year college education and the paper to prove it; thirdly, your last line was wonderful   :)
  like i said i don't want to start a flame war,i would just like to know were im wrong, what am i missing here,im not just a visitor, ive lived in eureka, i have relatives in the timber industry,ive seen what the corporations are doing first hand. secondly, i have a high school diploma and the paper to prove it;) look,were on the same side, im interested in what the attitude of your community is,we need to come together,i think your only hearing timber company  propaganda. if im missing something give me the facts,and lets keep this friendly, we  both might learn something.

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