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[pct-l] Looking for day hikes

I am new to this list serve.  Am traveling to Calif this summer and am looking for some hiking along the PCT.  I have little experience with hiking, am not at altitude here in Texas but am in fairly good shape consider my age--50 ish.

Have gotten some tips about some short sections near S. Lake Tahoe but am also looking for tips for southern and middle Calif portions of trail.  

Have the day hiking book from PCT/Wilderness Press but wanted to get some personal recommendations.  

My son and I are willing to do some camping but mainly I want to drive to a spot, hike during the day then drive to a hotel/motel at night.  If it works out, another trip in future might be more adventuresome with serious camping.  The day hikes will be out then turn around and come back (or a circle) as we will only have one car.

I realize this is kind of a broad question but if any specific areas come into people's mind, please let me know.

Bob M.