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[pct-l] " Still Walking" DVD Review by Monte

I just finished watching it also.   I loved every second of it - makes me want to get on the trail again - like today.   Fun to see people I know - and people I have long been hearing the names of.  Great job Scott.

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> Just got my copy of Scott Herriott's DVD Still Walking and am quite pleased 
> with what a great job he did! The movie beats Walk in that in is a bit more 
> polished and does a great job showing true trail humor, scenery and does a great 
> job revealing the personal side of a thru-hiker. ( I think Scott's trail miles 
> in our shoes have made him even better at understanding the thru-hiker 
> lifestyle as he himself has become a trail veteran in his own right) Movie 
> scenes include our KO from last year and also the ALDHA-West gathering footage 
> as well as the following of last years 2005 class of hikers and their own set of 
> problems with the heavy snows in the Sierras last year. Great scenes of Meadow 
> Ed's Birthday at Kennedy Meadows, Yogi, Scramber, Billy Goat, Jeff and Donna 
> Saufley , Dinsmores, Pooh Corner,Etna ,Weathercarrot, Strider, Navigator and 
> Belcher's Wedding with 2003 gang ( F-troop,etc.) Scenery shot are awesome and 
> also has a few cuts of now and then with 2003's Walk movie. Bottom line is this 
> is a hit and better than Walk with was a great movie as well.. 
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Subject: [pct-l] The Reality of the Trail
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Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija wrote: Dragging this post into PCT-land, do we 
make  the trail more "real" by our
experience of it?  I think  so.

Boy, this is getting deep for us  simple low life, trailtown sacking, scum 
bag, spittoon using, trail pirate  backpackers.  Outside of that, I have to 
admit you bring up a good  question on how we enjoy and relate to the trail, 
especially our  beloved PCT.  
Some people hike to tune in.   Others to tune out.  Most of us do a little of 
both out there.  Each  of us emphasize certain things we perceive to be the 
reasons to go  hiking - adventure, danger, nature, friendships, be alone, meet 
people, fitness,  records & goals, etc., (and in my case to harass and 
irritate other hikers -  :-)).  We tune out other things we want to get away from.  
An example  is how some folks like to take a radio or music out on the trail 
and others hate  to even see such devices.  I think each of us try to tune into 
those things  out there that we want our trail reality to be.  That makes it 
more fun,  important, and memorable to us.  Is that making the trail more  
real?  I guess for each hiker, it does.  At least it makes the  experience more 
real like you said.  We customize our reality.
By the way, without getting too  nutty, I look at prayer as when you talk to 
God.  Meditation is when  you have a two way conversation.  The trail is a 
great place to do this,  especially at night looking up at the universe from a 
warm cozy sleeping  bag.  Just relax, clear your mind, start with the yoga 
complete  breath, and stare.  Hang on.  You are in for the ride of your  life, 
because you are spiritually leaving earth -- it is a little  scary.  For those who 
do not believe in God, they can have their own  wonderful experience too.  No 
problem......LYOL......Live Your Own Life.
Darn you!!  You made me talk  too much about trail philosophy and 
metaphysics.  :-)
Your hiking buddy,  Switchback
Trail Horny Toad &  Camp HYOH Grinch