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[pct-l] Class of 05 thru VS Section attitude

To hike is unto each his own salvation....This year marks my 30th year as a 
PCT section hiker. Personally, I think I would be disappointed if I had 
hiked the whole PCT by now. I love the anticipation of each year going out 
on the trail to see a new piece of this incredible linear adventure.  In 
those 30 years I've hiked into some of the wildest nooks and crannies in the 
west; so the PCT has been, for me, a gourmet meal I've enjoyed greatly in 
small bites, and it has gained in those 30yrs a certain spice, flavor and 
respect that can only be appreciated by an old trail gourmet like me.
"Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) is a low key
gathering of present section and thru-hikers, past thru-hikers, ancient 
trail angels, supporters, and aspiring section- and thru-hikers. 2006 marks
the eighth ADZPCTKO"

Greg "Strider" Hummel