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[pct-l] Oregon PCT Section Hike 2006

I hiked Oregon southbound in just over three weeks last August.  ZERO rain ZERo mosquitos, and great tread, good views.  The year prior same time frame I did WA and ran into MANY who were soaked late AUGUST.  I did not waste any time and did not do a zero or even a nero day until Ashland.
  The CA/OR border is in the middle of NOWHERE but can be found if you are willing to drive on dirt roads close to forever,  I think the guidebooks talk about either ending or beginning in Ashland or Siede.
  As for waterless stretches, I found no issues if you follow the guide book and Yogis book.  The longest stretch was S of Crater Lake and it was maybe two 15 mile stretches between water.  Not a big deal if you are prepared.  I also did the PAMELIA ALTERNATIVE route instead of 3 Finger Jack.  Lots more water and berry's but not PCT caliber tread.
  The trail was being rerouted S of Crater Lake so the guidebooks and the signs were not cooresponding.  The signs.guidebooks are usually geared for the Nbounders.  If you follow the maps you can see what they were attempted to do.  More of making an Alternative route the real PCT sort of thing.
  Only time I saw bears was in the Marble Mountains in NCAL --- most do not bear bag.
  I'd repeat the Sisters and Mt Jefferson and do a lot of NON PCT hiking - lake summiting and  hiking the Eastern Side.

M A <raeba@lycos.com> wrote:
  Hi, I'd like to know what the best time (on average) is for hiking the OR PCT. I want to avoid the mosquitoes and snow! So, I guess July (and earlier) is out. So, is it easy for most to complete the OR section in 3 weeks? I don't want to run, and I think I'd have to hike an average of 21 m.p.d to make it in 3 weeks.

Also, how much of the California PCT do I have to hike, since the CA/OR PCT border is in the wilderness?

Is the OR section 450 miles?

Are there any very difficult areas (generally speaking)?

Are there waterless stretches (normal years...no drought)?

Are there any places where the trail is not marked well or non-obvious?

Are bear bags needed in many places (e.g. S. Oregon)?

What's your absolute favorite part of the OR PCT? Sisters? Eagle Creek?

What's the part you disliked the most?

Thanks a lot......... I know that's a lot of questions, but you know how it is.......



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