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[pct-l] Super Secrets - Latest Experiments

I know you are very curious about  my latest (mad scientist) experiments and 
thinking in backpacking.  So, I  will let you in on it because I like you.  
Currently, I am working on the idea  of using a 6 ounce silk sleeping bag 
liner as an over bag for a sleeping  system.  I want something that will take the 
chill off my down.  A  super light bivy might be good too.  If that turns out 
to be the case, then  I would look at the "Soul Bivy" at just over 8 ounces 
(extra wide - Epic fabric  - _ww.mountainlaureldesigns.com/bivys.php_ 
(http://www.mountainlaureldesigns.com/bivys.php) )
REI sells a silk liner that is  rectangle and rip stop fabric (REI.com -  
Item 695428).  I like it a lot and bought one.  I will use  my down jacket with 
hood and may be an 8 ounce down half bag (nunatakusa.com)  for my "sleeping 
system".  This should keep me warm for 3-season  camping.  At least that is my 
theory.  If things get a little colder,  then I just slip under my tarp fabric, 
since I never deploy it unless it is  raining (very rarely).  I use a 6 ounce 
bug netting shelter each  night.  There can be some condensation under the 
tarp fabric (9 ounces -  GossamerGear SpinTwin tarp), but it is not a big deal.
Of course, I have my slippers/camp  shoes with clean hiking socks for my feet 
too.  These are great  for extra warmth.  Also, I have a light head/ear band 
and a nose/mouth  cover.  These last two only weigh about one ounce and are 
great  protection.  Finally, I have my poly glove liner for my hands (some 
people  like using hiking socks).  Very nice.  If I need more protection I  just 
add my Gortex rain mittens (less than one ounce - some people like using  
ZipLock bags).  If things get really bad I would just put on my breathable  rain 
suit pants and hooded jacket (less than 10 ounces together).  Now I am  almost 
ready for winter camping.  
I have some serious layering  on.  I can walk into a major cold blowing wet 
wind and be warm and dry with  my normal hiking clothes on.  No problem.  In 
fact, I probably would  not have the down jacket on.  Mother Nature can flex her 
muscles and  throw punches, but I think I can Rope-A-Dope my way  through.
Note, that one of the best ways to  stay warm is to use a good pad under your 
sleeping system.  I use  a long thick closed cell foam pad from 
GossamerGear.com (under 8  ounces).  Very very nice.  Highly recommended.  I tie it to the  
outside of my GoLite Breeze pack.  By the way, I like the smooth side  up.
I like a move around a lot when I  sleep and do not like the traditional 
mummy bag at all.  I like the  sleeping blanket concept with a good pad 
underneath.  So, I guess silk is  my new blanket.  My silk over bag and a half down bag 
would weigh in at 14  ounces together.
Also, if you are thinking of down  pants instead of a light down bag, forget 
it.  A down bag/blanket or half  bag is warmer.
Any way, I knew you would be just  be thrilled to know what I am up to and 
what I am thinking for the 2006  campaign.
Your hiking buddy,  Switchback
Trail Rooster & Camp Food  Pillager