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[pct-l] Re: Getting Started

Money donated to the ADZ, could instead be donated to the PCTA for the
purpose of trail maintenance, land acquisitions, etc., as opposed to
fleeting, consumable purposes.

Another 'perception' might be that the ADZ is raising awareness of the
trail, in turn, possibly creating new, long-term PCTA memberships.

Sorry I'm getting to these a bit late.

I'm a little unclear on how donating to the ADZPCTKOP is taking away from
the trail.


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No problem at all! That's the point.

It's important to recognize where it all begins. Everything starts with the
trail. Parties, books, web pages, etc.

All of our PCT related activities are dependent on the trail and we should
not lose sight of that simple fact. Donating to ADZPCTKOP is taking away
from the trail; that which we depend upon for our activities.

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