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[pct-l] questions about current conditions in CA Section H

We have just returned from a 30 day road trip to burn up some vacation 
time, while waiting for the snow to melt in the Sierras.  I still have a 
month of vacation left and would like to take a 4 week llama trek in the 
Sierras, in Section H. I plan to start  on August 4, if I can find 
somewhere to go.  However I have deep concerns about trail 
conditions--specifically snow, mosquitoes, high water, and severe trail 
Can anyone tell me where to get the most up to date information about 
trail conditions?  The PCTA site's last info for section H was posted 
July 15. I would like to think that conditions have improved since then. 
I would like to have a pleasant trip--llamas can't wear crampons or use 
an ice ax and they are smart enough to want to avoid traveling on snow.  
We also prefer to avoid heavy mosquito infestations.  I would like to 
avoid drowning also.  I know I sound like a total wuss--that's because I 
am-- but this is why I usually do all my High Sierra hiking in August 
when it is paradise up there.  PCT thru hikers don't have the luxury of 
traveling the Sierras in their best season. 
Anyway the question is--are conditions beginning to approach normal 
August--little snow, low water, few bugs--or is it like late June out 
there?  At what elevation can I expect the ground to be snow free next 
week?  Which passes are likely to stay snow covered this season, if 
any?  Are any of the water crossings still dangerous?  Have the bugs 
begun to subside as they usually do in August, or are they still brutal, 
and at what elevation?  Are there any pieces of  PCtrail in section H 
that are in bad shape, with washouts and deadfall?
I would greatly appreciate any current info or links anyone can give me 
so that I can plan a pleasant, safe and do-able trip.