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[pct-l] ALDHA-West Gathering

To be included in the next ALDHA-West Gazette, for those of you fools who are 
not currently members;

Just can't wait for the annual gathering?  Well, neither can we with a great 
lineup of presentations in the works.  From Linda Hunt, author of "Bold 
Spirit" to Scrambler, the youngest person to ever thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 
 From Scott Williamson's numerous Yo-Yo PCT attempts and success to the now 
classic Weather Carrot DVD of the PCT in 2004 and, of course, "Walk" too.  
Highlighting other crazy long distance hikers who take on trails of their own 
making;"Alone Across Australia"  and "Walking from Alburquerque, NM to Munising, 
MI" will be shown.  Susan Alcorn will be giving a talk on "Tales and Tips from 
Seasoned Women Backpackers".  Switchback, the master of "Super Secrets" will 
be hosting a roundtable discussion on "Gear & Techniques".  Phil Hough, one of 
the foundations of the new board, will give a talk on "Flora, Fungus and Fun". 
 Nate "Tha Wookie" Olive will give a presentation of the first ever "Pacific 
COAST Trail" hike and Jerry Goller will give an overview of his illustrious 
website; Backpacking Gear Test.  "The Colorado Trail", "Muir . . . The Man and 
His Life", "Publishing Your Hiking Journal as a Booklet" and several other 
presentations will round out the event.  Be sure to submit your "Triple Crown" 
application for the annual presentation on Saturday evening.  Oh, an don't miss 
the llamas outside!

All in all a great gathering is planned in a great spot.  Mark your calendars 
for September 30th to October 2nd at the Sierra Pines Camp, just a few miles 
west of Echo Lake.

If you really are a long distance hiker then consider joining me on a PCT 
section hike into the gathering from Donner Summit, through Desolation Wilderness 
over the week prior to the gathering.  There just isn't quite anything like 
HIKING into a long distance hiking association meeting!

Greg Hummel
Gathering Coordinator
(yes, I know, it is weird)