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[pct-l] Who would have thunk it?

Shane and Miriam saw Squeaky on 7/14 on their SOBO the day before they 
arrived into Trout Lake.

Shane wrote in his journal:

 >Also, there was an extraordinary thru-hiker named Squeaky who is 
trying to hike the PCT, CDT, and AT all in one year.  He had already 
hiked the PCT north -- >even through the Sierras -- to the point where 
we met him.  After a brief respite, he was soon on the trail again and 
around the bend before any of us could >blink in wonder...

* * *

> I'd have to doublecheck my register, but I think Squeaky passed 
> through my
> secret beer/food cache about 2 weeks ago, near 3-corner rock in S.
> Washington,(15 miles N of Cascade Locks).... He must be moving!
> Steady