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[pct-l] quincy to burney falls trip report

Brian Bowlsby wrote:

><If you have any specific questions on things I didn't mention, feel free
>to ask.>
>Just one. Besides all of the below mentioned mess, how was your hike? :-)
>I remember Section O being miserable, especially climbing out of Middle Fork
>Feather river. I deemed it Section "Oak" for poison oak. But I guess time
>heals all wounds, since I only remember a few sections being particularly
>This section definitely needs some TLC and some committed volunteers!
Oh, don't get me wrong; I had a great freakin' time! Fond memories of 
stuffin' my gullet at the Pine Shack Frosty. A sunset on Hat Cr. Rim 
that approached a religious experience. (By the way, I can't recommend 
camping near the old lookout tower; the area is infested with kangaroo 
rats!) Achieving both my longest trip (165 mi.) and my longest day (28 
mi.). Now all I need is Castella to Seiad Valley and I'll have 
everything from Echo Lake Resort to Willamette Pass finished.