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[pct-l] Super Secrets

Hey Switchback...  good on ya' for those Super Secrets - they're great!  I'm gone a lot so don't get to read every PCT-L Digest - you're up to #41 so I've obviously missed a lot of them.  Tried to find the others through the PCT-L Archives with no luck...  you happen to have a compilation of earlier Super Secrets that I [and others] could download and print out?
Thanks... Tim S. Albuquerque USAFrom jeffmoorehead1 at cox.net  Tue Jul 26 14:23:46 2005
From: jeffmoorehead1 at cox.net (Jeff Moorehead)
Date: Tue Jul 26 15:25:28 2005
Subject: [pct-l] Water Quality in the Sierra - LA Times article
References: <BAY105-F42E007FAAE28DEE2E592ECD6CD0@phx.gbl>
Message-ID: <006001c5921f$ecdcc520$3502a8c0@LapDancer>

wow, that's good news--it's encouraging to think we might be able to 
jettison the water pump once we are past the so cal deserts...

> There's an article in today's Los Angeles Times about water quality in the 
> Sierra.  I can't paste the link here for some reason, but the article can 
> be found at www.latimes.com, in the Outdoors section.
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