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[pct-l] So. Calif. Flood and Mud

> > 	We're experiencing monsoon conditions in S. Calif., including
> Besides that, just driving home from work I heard fire radio traffic on
> fires from lightning strikes at several locations near the PCT in San Diego
> County, all of which are near the PCT. Some forecasts mention 2 inches of
> rain per hour in the hills about Warner Springs and Julian, with

	We had a visitor last weekend.  She said she likes
thunderstorms.  We drove east from Hesperia towards Lucerne Valley
Sunday afternoon.  Lots of rain, lightening, possible almost-tornado.

	Rain fall in Victorville was 5.5 incles in 1.5 hours.  That's
quite a log for an area with an annual rainfall somewhere between 4
and 6 incnes (depending upon one's source).

	Floods, rocks, and mudslides closed roads in both the desert
and mountains.


	I don't know whether any of this directly affected the PCT,

					Craig "Computer" Rogers