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[pct-l] So. Calif. NF Fire Danger Level: "High"

	The Angeles, Cleveland, and San Bernardino National Forests
raised their Fire Danger Levels to "High" today.  According to their
Web sites, campfires and charcoal fires may no longer be used in those
forests outside of developed campsites.  The Angeles and San
Bernardino NF Web sites note that certain types of campstoves are
still allowed in trail camps and other undeveloped camping areas,
assuming proper use and posession of a California Campfire Permit.


	Visitors are encouraged to contact the rangers before entering
the forest.  That's true all the time, but now more than usual. :-)

Angeles NF:        626-574-5200
Cleveland NF:      619-593-2183 
San Bernardino NF: 909-382-2600

					Craig "Computer" Rogers