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[pct-l] Rumors

Yeah... "They" are probably falling off the cliffs right into
Evolution Creek like lemmings :-)


At 03:19 PM 7/21/2005 -0400, GWohlken wrote:
>I just spoke with my son who is SOBOing from Manning Park and is now in 
>Cascade Locks, OR.  He said he and his partner have been hearing rumors 
>that about five or six  people have drowned this year on the trail 
>crossing streams.  I told him I'd check with the list to see if anyone 
>has heard anything like that.  He said it's possible there was the one 
>drowning at Evolution Creek of the snowshoer that is getting told again 
>and again, and each time it's added up as another person drowning (kind 
>of like the game "telephone").  Anyone here know?
>~Gayle Wohlken 
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