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[pct-l] Urgent request for alternatives to John Muir Trail - 3 Scots need advice

i sure wouldn't change my plans. there no doubt will
be some snow on the passes and such, but it's going to
be melting like crazy, and amazingly beautiful. it's
been very very hot in california of late (just had 8
days over 100 degrees in the central valley), and
you'll probably be happy to have some nice cool snow
to play in and walk on here and there. 

just use some common sense on the passes (i.e. stay
off the ice in the morning on passes, try not to walk
too far on snow in the afternoon so you limit the
postholing). it's going to be fantastic. don't worry.

also, the high sierra is known for afternoon short
thunderstorms here and there, but mostly for blue
skies, sunshine (usually), and warm weather in the
summertime. i thru-hiked the PCT last summer, and i
sure spent most of my time in a t-shirt and shorts
(except when the mosquitos showed up).

anyway, that's my long winded way of saying... no
worries! just try to have snow baskets for your
trekking poles, and have a great time!

dave t.

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