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[pct-l] Update on Super Secrets #41 and #44

I have been using a device by Nike called teh Triax Elite which is a combination heart rate monitor, watch, and digital pedometer that tells you your rate of speed and total mileage covered.  I found it to be accurate within a tenth of a mile and it is streamline.  The whole device costs $300 which is steep however, i am also about to use this device for marathon training when I am not on the trail.  

Jocelyn (SOBO hiker)

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Subject: [pct-l] Update on Super Secrets #41 and #44
Previously, I had posted this Super Secret.
#44 - Pedometer: These handy little devices might be useful for giving you  
your mileage or other indicators as you walk. This might be VERY USEFUL as you  
walk to the next water source or trail town.  I am using the GoWalking  
Talking Pedometer (1.25 ounces).  If you have used some type of pedometer,  let me 
know what your experiences have been.  My local park has a .47 mile  
rubberized walking track, so that is where I have calibrated the device.  
I have now used the pedometer in my local mountains on a 6.1 mile loop  trail 
and it read 5.9 miles at the end of the hike.  I think this is very  
acceptable for PCT use.  I want to use the pedometer to let me know how far  it is to 
the next water, etc.  This is super useful out on the trail to  know 
approximately how far you have gone and how far it is to the next  point.
Additionally, Super Secret #41 on using a kitchen timer to let you know  when 
to drink has proved very successful.  I set mine at 30 minutes to  count down 
to the alarm.  Then I drink and eat some salt peanut  crackers.  I reset the 
alarm and head off down the trail.  Very easy  to use and keeps you out of 
trouble with dehydration.
These two Super Secrets could really give you an edge out there.   Plus, the 
weight is only an ounce or two.  Be sure to take extra batteries  (small and 
light).  With the timer you can just take the battery out when  not using it.  
The pedometer is a little tricky.  If you take the  battery out, then you lose 
your stride settings, etc., and have to reset  it.  Not a big deal.
Your hiking buddy and always thinking of where your next drink is coming  
from, Switchback

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