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[pct-l] Driving Directions to Kennedy Meadows

In a message dated 7/18/2005 8:44:41 A.M. Mountain Standard Time,  
tahoe.cat@verizon.net writes:

Hi  Heath     Here is what the SoCal Camping map says from the Auto  Club.
26 miles North West of Pearsonville via 9 mile canyon and Kennedy  Meadows
rds.  Pearsonville is a wide spot on 395, just a few miles  past where the
14fwy connects to 395. Unless they put in an under pass to  go to your right
and under 395, you will be turning left to go up nine mile  canyon. If every
thing is still the same from the last time I was up there  be very careful
going up the canyon. A narrow dirt road and in some places  paved but only
one lane for both directions. A pick up truck coming down  took my mirror off
of my truck and He never stopped. The last time I was up  there was 1978,
just a short time ago.  LOL    Well for  now      Remember  "Be Prepared"
Ground Pounder  Bill  "Semper Fi"

This is a good description, Bill, exactly as I experienced it in May of  last 
year.  I guess it has not changed much in that time!  So unless  they've done 
some major road construction in the past 12 months, Heath can count  on this.