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[pct-l] Off Topic: GPS usage... in France/Spain

Hi Saskia,
My girlfriend and I hiked about half the GR10/Haute Route last summer
from Hendaye (on the Atlantic side of the French/Spanish border) before
we ran out of time and had to head back to work.  We ended in the
little town of Fos which is right about half way.

Regarding your question of using a GPS there, I really don't see a need
for such technology on this trail.  Then again, you're getting a biased
opinion from a non-tech hiker that only ever relies on map 'n compass. 
The GR10 and the Haute Route are really well marked.  We used topo maps
by "IGN" that we bought locally before setting off, and Cicerone's
guide book (http://www.cicerone.co.uk/)

Honestly, the only times we lost our way was when the trail went
through little mountain villages.  Outside the villages, the trail is
obvious, well marked, and clear.

FYI since you'll be heading into little mountain villages almost every
day, you won't need to carry more than a couple days of food most of
the time.  West of Fos, there is one long stretch where you'll need
food for about a week, though.  You'll eat lots of "fromage de brebis"
(ewe's milk cheese), and be able to buy it directly from sheep farmers
high up in the mountains -- very nice!  This is the backpacking trip
where i ate the best and lost the least amount of weight!!  Enjoy!

Happy trails,

> From: Saskia <saskia.home@xs4all.nl>
> To: PCT list list <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
> I am so sorry to post something off topic, but I am hoping that one
> of you out there knows more about this. I am planning to go hike in
> the Pyrenees, on the border of France and Spain. We are debating
> whether we should take a GPS or not. Have you found it useful in
> general, has any of you had any experience in the Pyrenees with a
> GPS, do modern GPSes always recognise the French 'Lambert' grids,
> what grids does Spain use?
> Thanks for tolerating the intrusion.
> Best wishes,
> Saskia

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