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[pct-l] Trout Lake, WA

Have some great memories from our overnight at Trout Lake. We got a ride in from a bunch of hunters with their dogs. Sisu rode in front with the hunters and was roasting hot when we arrived at the restaurant in town. Paparazzi and I sat in the back, knees to chin, with a surly, growling dog at our feet. Our faces were practically frozen by the time we arrived. We stayed in a room behind the grocery and visited with other hikers at the B and B nearby. The B&B had a great collection of mountain photography books. We all hung out for a couple of hours reminiscing about the magic ways a thru-hike brings people together.  Good times. Good place. I remember walking back to the grocery store after midnight and the entire town was dark. We made our way back by starlight.
from Sept. 1, 2004 trailjournals entry:

I read about Trout Lake about two miles before Road 23 and even though we?d hiked 26 miles already, the prospect of hot food and shelter quickened our strides. It took half an hour to get to the road and only five minutes to get a ride. Sisu rode in the cab with four hunters while Paps and I sat in the back with five German wirehair dogs, four of them caged. Their cages took up most of the bed, so Paps and I scrunched, knees to chin, backs against the tailgate (Pap?s pack hung on his back outside the gate), while one of the caged dogs growled at us. 
Get to the diner and Sisu?s roasting hot while Paps and I are chattering teeth. I warmed my hands on her cheeks. The grocery store down the street rents rooms out for $40. We settled in and walked to Kelly?s bed and breakfast to visit with other thru-hikers (Little John, Shep (M), Tremors (M), GT, Tigger, Strut and Trainwreck). Showers, journal, read and blessed sleep.

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