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[pct-l] Trout Lake, Oregon

Last year it was the easiest hitch both ways -- maybe 1 minute.  Everyone in town seemed to be "trying" to make this a trail town and the TrailAngel in town was asking how to get into the different publications.  And the GAS station was asking what kind of stuff hikers would want --- he had a bunch of car camping gear.  Nice huckleberry SHAKEs and decent country store.

Jeff Bohannon <jeffbohannon@hotmail.com> wrote:
I stayed in the room at the back of the grocery store when i went through in 
2003. It was my least expensive stay in all of Washington. And the grocery 
store will buy all the huckleberries you haven't eaten.
I hitched in and out. Very little traffic but it only took about 20 min to 
catch a ride.

>From: Bighummel@aol.com
>Subject: [pct-l] Trout Lake, 
>Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:26:50 EDT
>This just 
in, from "Oil Can" Monty Tam, hot off the trail, sent to me 
>another individual and cc'd to the PCTA 
>Trout Lake, Washington 98650 is a town of about 600 
friendly people located
>13 miles south of the PCT trail junction with 
FS Rd. 23 southwest of Mt. Adams.
> www.troutlake.org. From the 
north, this junction is 2.8 trail miles after
>leaving Mt. Adams 
Wilderness area. From the south this junction is 79.2 trail
north of Cascade Locks/Bridge of the Gods. FS Rd. 23 is paved with 
>traffic but a hitch-ride should come by quite often. This road 
becomes Mt.
>Adams Road as you approach the town of Trout Lake and 
junctions with Hwy 141 in
>the center of 
>Transportation back to the trail can be arranged by 
calling PCTA member Doug
>Anderson who will even bring you down to 
town if you pre-arrange a pick-up
>time at the trailhead at Rd. 23. 
>Groceries are available at Trout Lake Grocery, 
2383 Hwy 141. They specialize
>in the needs of outdoor activity 
folks. Sleeping room available. UPS drop and
>receive services. 
Washer/Dryer. Internet access. Food/supply drop box. Good
>source of 
information about Trout Lake. 509-395-2777.
>Supplies are 
available at Andy???s Valley Chevron Station at the junction of
Adams Rd. and Hwy 141. Andy and crew will be very helpful in letting 
>know where the services are in Trout Lake. 
>Gifford Pinchot National Forest Mt. Adams District 
Ranger Station is ?? mile
>west of the Post Office. Maps, Trail 
Information, list of overnight
>accommodations in the valley. Rest 
Rooms, water. 2455 Hwy. 141. Open 8:00-4:30 7 days a
>week from 
Memorial Day to Labor Day. 509-395-3400.
>Trout Lake campus of 
Northwest Service Academy (Americorps) is behind the
>U.S. Post Office, 2393 Hwy 141, Trout Lake, WA 98650. Open 
8:30-12:30; 1:00 ???
>5:00 M-F. 509-395-2108.
services and restaurants: KJ???s Bear Creek Caf?? with hot meals and 
>huckleberry shakes is at the Chevron Station. 
>Heavenly Grounds Espresso, also at the station, for a 
caffeine kick or a
>huckleberry smoothie. 509-395-2211.
Out Pizza and More, 2995 Hwy 141 across from the Trout Lake 
>Lodging: Trout Lake Motel ?? mile 
south of town at 2300 Hwy 141. New units.
>Competitive rates include 
breakfast. Coin-op laundry. In-room phones. A ride
>back up to the 
trail may also be available if not too busy.
>Trout Lake Grocery has a room available in the back of 
the store. E-mail
>connection. Economy rates. 
>Kelly???s Trout Creek Inn B & B let historic Trout 
Creek sing you to sleep in a
>beautifully decorated room of Irish 
woodsy decor. Breakfast included of
>course. Discounts for hikers. 
Possible ride back up to the trail. 25 Mt. Adams
www.kellysbnb.com. 509-395-2769.
>County Park 1 block behind the Post 
Office has camping and coin-op showers.
>Elk Meadows RV Camp 1 mile 
west of Ranger Station via Trout Lake Trail.
www.elkmeadowsrvpark.com. Facilities are for RV campers only but 
>beautiful picnic ground with a view of Mt. Adams is worth the 
>Churches: Trout Lake Presbyterian. One block north of 
Post Office.
>Celebrating their Centennial Year in 2005! Sunday 
service 11:15 a.m.
>Always open. Food drop/exchange box inside front 
>Mt. Adams Baptist. At junction of Mt. Adams Rd. and Hwy 141. 
Sunday Praise
>service 10:30 a.m. Always open.
Saturday Market at the Grange Hall across from the Post Office 
>Saturday from July 4 to Labor Day. Local arts, quilting, 
crafts, and food.
>Trout Lake Festival of the Arts third Saturday and 
Sunday in July focusing on
>the visual and performing arts of the 
Columbia Gorge area.
>www.troutlake.org/arts/. About 35 artists and 15 
hours of live music at The Farm a Bed &
www.thefarmbnb.com. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Free admission. 
>service on site. 509-395-2488.
>Trout Lake Fair first 
weekend in 
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