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[pct-l] Article on Trail Festivals on the PCT and CDT

By the way, met a guy up at Tahoe named Dave Nettle
who hiked the entire PCT in '75 solo and he was only
He had a slideshow of his trip as part of the Tahoe
Trail Days...amazing shots.  The following year he and
some buddies hiked the Continental Divide...and this
was before any semblance of the Continental Divide
Trail was a reality...also great photos.  And, I swear
this is true, he feels he had a probable Bigfoot
encounter on the Eagle Creek Trail during his '75 solo
hike.  Oh yes, it's going in the follow-up to "WALK". 
If you happen to be in the Tahoe area during the
winter he runs a series of slide presentations in and
around Tahoe City.
Great presenter...funny and informative.