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[pct-l] The Birds!

Hey all,

Reminds me of years ago hiking up by Carson Pass and Kirwood (if I 
remember correctly.). Along the trail I was harrassed by a bird 
defending its territory. I had my big old heavy super-modified A-16 pack 
and its top was higher than my head (fortunately). The bird made a 
couple of hits on my pack but my head was spared.


Lonetrail@aol.com wrote:
> Hey Sly
> That same bird got me too. I never got my hat back I was with the Bill  the 
> OLE Geezer. Beer from Tokyo was ahead of us, I had cuts on my head from it's  
> talons. Then that dam bird kept scooping down at us screaming you dam dumb  
> humans. I turned around and saluted the  bastard and said "I will be  back"
> Lonetrail