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[pct-l] The Birds!

Hey Sly
That same bird got me too. I never got my hat back I was with the Bill  the 
OLE Geezer. Beer from Tokyo was ahead of us, I had cuts on my head from it's  
talons. Then that dam bird kept scooping down at us screaming you dam dumb  
humans. I turned around and saluted the  bastard and said "I will be  back"
Hey, is this the same bird that attacked Yogi and others?

Day 33 ?  July 6 ? talked with Horton

Fun trail story from July 6, Horton was  attacked by not one but two birds 
(type unknown) yesterday in the last few  miles into Sierra City before Hwy 
He heard a "Whoosh" behind him,  then again over his head.  He looked up to 
a bird squawking and  dive-bombing straight towards him.  After the first 
passing he picked  up a stick and started "running like mad, swinging the 
stick in 
the  air.?  They made another pass and then "Wham!" on the third pass one of  
them hit him in the side of the head!  It stunned him a bit and when he  
around he saw something on the ground.  For a split second  thought he had 
out his attacker, but in reality the bird had knocked  off his hat.  He 
it up and high-tailed it out of  there.

Horton's up to Lassen already,  incredible!


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