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[pct-l] need some help

I changed my pack and other gear, so I took a 12 mile day hike with all my
gear on Sunday as I would have it on the trip to "shake down" any problems
and ensure I was OK with it.

This IMHO is the only way to have some certainty to your setup

The worst thing that can happen is you'll be unhappy and sore, but that will
be an experience you'll look back on and laugh

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I leave in two more days for a four day trip in Section O (where it is hot
as hell) and would like some feedback. Is a 30-35 pound pack too heavy a
load for 'running shoes'?  I have a very 'beefed up' pair that feel the best
of all my out door shoes/boots but I am afraid of leg/foot pain due to too
much weight.

No lectures on lowering my pack weight (I have already dropped five pounds)

Thank you,
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