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[pct-l] Get outdoors, and experience the weather

On Saturday a bunch of us High Desert Runners ( www.highdesertrunners.org )
ran from Mill Creek Summit (4910' elevation) to Pacifico (7124' elevation),
a gain of over two thousand feet over six miles.  This is a section of the
PCT that runs through the Angeles National Forest, in southern California.
I took off just before 8 AM with a couple other runners.  The weather was
great -- about seventy degrees and sunny.  At least half the trail is shaded
by pine trees.  After the first three miles, we walked a bit, doing some
walking and some running the rest of the way to Pacifico, which we reached
in about an hour and a half.  What a view!  There are tall pine trees and a
lot of huge rocks there.  I climbed on the rocks to get a 360-degree
panoramic view of the valleys below, including the San Gabriel valley.  I
could have stayed up there another hour just admiring the view, but one of
our group was in a hurry to get back to Mill Creek, so off we went.  He took
off like a speeding bullet, with the rest of us in hot pursuit.  What a
thrill!  It was like coasting.  The grade on the way up that seemed so
relentless was like a steady tailwind coming back down.  That run back home,
together with the view at the top, made the whole thing worthwhile.  I can't
wait to do it again!

> Matt Geis <mgeis@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Get outdoors, and experience the weather...