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[pct-l] Re: Yosemite Update?

Quote of a Quote: Frank Martin posted this on the John Muir Trail forum:
This was pulled off another forum and is as of July 4th.

Not looking pleasant past Donohue Pass

Beging quotes

July 3, 2005):This weekend I hiked that part of the JMT between the
ridge overlooking Garnet Lake and Rosalie Lake. We went in and back
from Agnew Meadow and camped at Shadow Creek. The JMT still has
very heavy snow cover which makes for difficult hiking on north
facing slopes. On south facing slopes intermittent snow on the JMT
above 9600 feet. On the 22 switchbacks between Shadow Lake and
Rosalie Lake (north facing slope), it was about 2/3 covered with
snow varying in depth from two to five feet. The remaining 1/3 of
the trail was awash in snow melt, keeping the snow-free part of the
trail in two to three inches of water. There were extensive little
water falls everywhere.

The JMT between Shadow Lake and the ridge overlooking Garnet Lake
was also heavy with snow. The short off-trail hike from the JMT to
Clarice Lake was 90% covered in snow. Interestingly, I encountered
no through-hikers on these portions of the JMT this weekend.

The weather was quite warm and the snow is melting fast. The
streams and falls are all ROARING. Water is everywhere. Stream
crossings can be difficult and expect crossings in places that are
usually dry.

THOUSAND ISLAND LAKE: I did not go to Thousand Island Lake but I
spoke to two parties that did. One party headed up the River Trail
and abandoned their trip at Thousand Island Lake due to the snow.
They had intended to go from Agnew Meadow to Tuolumne over Donohue
Pass. I was told that Thousand Island Lake was totally covered in
snow all around the Lake and that the Lake remains partially frozen.

Ralph Alcorn