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[pct-l] Sky trail angels

Stopped in and saw the Dinmores in Skycomish last week. Super nice couple 
that have been hosting hikers for the last three years. They have a great 
hot tub and fire pit right on the river with a good hiker box mile east of 
town.  ( 206-954-2521) They already have had over 60 SBers this year......  
Other items?????? Andy Skuka will be finishing his C2C trail hike July 10th 
near Lake Ozette on Washington Coast. I hope to join him and walk the last 
three miles for photos for ALDHA-West.. Also Washington Trails Asso. will be 
holding Trailfwest near North Bend at Rattlesnake Lake on July 16th. Come 
see Monte mumble and bumble about ultra-light gear at 2:00p.m... ( Millions 
on booths and try out free kayaks!!) Raining heavy here in Washington today 
in big town of Centralia..... Love Monte