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[pct-l] Fwd: Mike Maurer's accident

How awful, and I hope that both Mike and Jackson recover fully.  Mike's 2
titanium rods beat the single stainless steel rod I have in my right leg,
leftover from a head-on crash (the other guy's fault) a long time ago.
Mike's a great guy, and I really feel for him in the recovery process.  It's
never easy, but I know his positive attitude will carry him through.

My thoughts and prayers, are of course, with them.  And I hope that the
driver of the car gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law - and is,
at least, insured.

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
PCT partially '94

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Many of you probably met Mike at Trail Fest and/or the Kickoff in April.
Mike works closely with Glen (Gossamer Gear) and is a regular contributor to
PCT-L.  Mike's son, Jackson,  is the good-looking kid who was helping out at
the Gossamer Gear booth and riding his bike around at the Kickoff.

I guess this means the Oregon trip is off!  Thank goodness Mike and Jackson
are recovering!


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Subject: Mike Maurer's accident
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Yogi  -

Perhaps you could please post this to the PCT-List.  Thanks.

Mike Maurer was in a severe motorcycle accident earlier this week.  He was
riding with his son Jackson, and they were struck at high speed by a large
car going against the traffic signal.  They were both knocked unconcious and
Life-Flighted to San Diego.  Jackson sustained a clean break to one leg, and
a deep cut on that leg (to the bone).  His leg is in a cast and we brought
him home today (Thursday).  Mike was just moving out of ICU today.  He
sustained multiple fractures, including compound, to his left leg, as well
as a fracture to his spine (C6).  They have inserted two titanium rods into
the leg bones.  Mike said he got the lightest rods they would give him, but
the pain medication hampered his negotiation skills.  I told him I would try
and find a way to make them "dual use" by making them removable at night to
use as tent poles.  The spine fracture is expected to heal during the next 6
weeks he is wearing a neck brace.  As you can tell, his spirits are high,
even thro
 ugh the
 medication they have him on.  He is hoping to be out in a few days, but
won't be hiking anytime soon.  Your prayers and thoughts would be

--Glen Van Peski

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