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[pct-l] Fwd: Mike Maurer's accident

Wow, sounds like it could have been much worse!!!!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mike and Jackson!


> Many of you probably met Mike at Trail Fest and/or the Kickoff in April. 
> Mike works closely with Glen (Gossamer Gear) and is a regular contributor 
> to PCT-L.  Mike's son, Jackson,  is the good-looking kid who was helping 
> out at the Gossamer Gear booth and riding his bike around at the Kickoff.
> I guess this means the Oregon trip is off!  Thank goodness Mike and 
> Jackson are recovering!
> yogi
> Glen Van Peski <gvanpeski@adelphia.net> wrote:From: "Glen Van Peski" 
> <gvanpeski@adelphia.net>
> To: "'yogi'" <yogihikes@sbcglobal.net>
> Subject: Mike Maurer's accident
> Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 18:25:12 -0700
> Yogi  -
> Perhaps you could please post this to the PCT-List.  Thanks.
> Mike Maurer was in a severe motorcycle accident earlier this week.  He was 
> riding with his son Jackson, and they were struck at high speed by a large 
> car going against the traffic signal.  They were both knocked unconcious 
> and Life-Flighted to San Diego.  Jackson sustained a clean break to one 
> leg, and a deep cut on that leg (to the bone).  His leg is in a cast and 
> we brought him home today (Thursday).  Mike was just moving out of ICU 
> today.  He sustained multiple fractures, including compound, to his left 
> leg, as well as a fracture to his spine (C6).  They have inserted two 
> titanium rods into the leg bones.  Mike said he got the lightest rods they 
> would give him, but the pain medication hampered his negotiation skills. 
> I told him I would try and find a way to make them "dual use" by making 
> them removable at night to use as tent poles.  The spine fracture is 
> expected to heal during the next 6 weeks he is wearing a neck brace.  As 
> you can tell, his spirits are high, even thro
> ugh the
> medication they have him on.  He is hoping to be out in a few days, but 
> won't be hiking anytime soon.  Your prayers and thoughts would be 
> appreciated.
> --Glen Van Peski
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