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[pct-l] Pengra Pass, Oregon

Fred and I just tried to backpack the PCT SOUTHBOUND from Pengra Pass (near Willamette Pass) in the Diamond Peak Wilderness. About 13 miles past the trailhead, there was a huge avalanche sometime this winter and the trail is obliterated for at least 1/4 mile. We tried to find the trail but couldn't and turned back. There is still quite a bit of snow in spots from 6500 feet on (but it was easy to tread on and pretty easy to find the path BEFORE the avalanche area). We reported it to the Backcountry Horsemen who were nicely sawing  up the felled trees near the trailhead. As you all know, the Forest Service's manpower is greatly cut and so the avalanche area may not be serviced for a while. So bring your compasses, maps, and/or GPS!
PS the mosquitoes were horrendous!!!