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[pct-l] ice axe for So Cal?

At 08:33 AM 3/26/05, Brett Cassidy wrote:
>Im going to have my ice axe mailed to me at Kennedy Meadows.  I figure my 
>poles will be enough to get me through the San Jacintos.  Ive never hiked 
>the PCT before though so take this as an extremely informed opinion, Im 
>just not too worried about needing an ice axe in the san jacintos.

Personally having been along that section of the PCT in a heavy snow year, 
I think that an ice axe for Fuller Ridge would be a good idea this year.

Then again if you get up there and get scared it is pretty easy to descend 
back to Idylwild and walk around Fuller Ridge on Black Mountain Rd.

This was taken on Fuller Ridge in July in a heavy snow year