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[pct-l] Pick & Pack

Aloha All!

Let's play a game!  This one is called Pick & Pack.  It's pretty simple and I have faith that all will join in.  So here goes....

Before you, on your living room/family room/bedroom/workroom/dining room/whatever room floor, lies the pile of clothing listed below.  Your job is to sort through the clothing and put it into one of four categories:  Desert PCT, Cold PCT, Entire PCT, Not On the PCT!.  More points are awarded for categorizing all clothing listed.  You may not add to the pile nor substitute any item.  Items not listed will be considered included in the Not on the PCT! category.  (You may add an additional category if you like entitled:  What the Hell?)  No time limit imposed.  Oh yeah, there are no losers here... unless you consider gear weight!  Here are your playing pieces.  Good luck!

Socks, wool (3)
Sock liners (3)
Down booties
Patagonia brief underwear (2)
Patagonia silk long john bottoms
Running shorts
Trail Rider pants, non-zip off, mesh sides
Mid-weight tights
Expedition weight fleece pants
Frogg Togg rain pants
North Face gortex rain pants
Sports bra (2)
Tank top, silk
Shirt, short sleeve wicking
Patagonia silk long john shirt
Shirt, long sleeve wicking
Ecomesh shirt, long sleeve
Patagonia medium weight crew
Patagonia Helium Windshirt
Marmot DriClime Windshirt
Patagonia Puffball vest
Patagonia Puffball 1/2 zip jacket
Western Mountaineering Inflight jacket
Frogg Togg rain jacket
North Face gortex rain jacket
Glove liners, nylon
Gloves, thin wool
Fleece, lightweight
Finger fleece mittens
Sunday Afternoon hat
Herrington wide brim hat
Baseball style vented cap
Outdoor Research Sombrero
Straw wide brim hat
Balaclava, lightweight/silk
Woolie, fleece beanie
Gaiters, Joe Trailman
Gaiters, Outdoor Research (short)
Bandana (3)

Thank you for playing! 

P.S.  Before you ask... NO!, I was NOT thinking of carrying all of the above items!