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[pct-l] Fridays night show

Thank You for the clarification

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 18:44:12 EST, Trekker4@aol.com <Trekker4@aol.com> wrote:
> Bulltaco,
>    Just because it's on tv, doesn't mean it's correct.  Snake bite kits ARE
> NO LONGER RECOMMENDED by any reputable medical person  or organization
> anymore. According to WebMD, an (Sawyers) extraction  kit must be used within 3-5
> minutes, must be used for 30 minutes, may not even  work at all, and may cause
> permanent damage or infection at the bite site. WebMD  explicitly says DO NOT
> CUT; it also mentions nothing about a tourniquet, only to  splint the limb if
> possible. (Sorry, I can't resist this.) It's no longer  medically recommended or
> ethical to suck on your buddy's ass.
>    Whether one can walk or not depends on a lot of  variables: where one was
> struck on the body, what snake it was, how much venom  was injected, etc. One
> would just have to judge for one's self at the time.
> Bob "Trekker"
> Big Bend Desert Denizen
> (Naturalized Citizen, Republic of  Texas)
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