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[pct-l] Re: tarps and stingers in So Cal

My wife, Gutsy, section hiked last year from I-15 to Walker Pass. She had trouble using a megalight teepee-style tent because of the wind. After one particular incident when the wind blew the tent down near the cookstove, she quit cooking and tenting and decided that she needed a freestanding tent. We bought an MSR Hubba Hubba and she is carrying it now on a 2-week hike on the AT. I am a little concerned about the extra weight (over 4 pounds). How does one handle soft sand? Is it feasible to use rocks and cords instead of stakes, with a tarp or anything other than a freestanding tent? 

We never had trouble with bugs entering the megamid or megalight tents except in Florida. 

Gutsy's Dan