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[pct-l] Snike bite Kit....!

"a "Snake Bite Kit" is a complete waste of weight
unless you have a shot of anti-venom, which I understand is really hard
to get your hands on.  "

Also, according to "Medicine for Mountaineering", carrying antivenin is
essentially useless for several reasons.
1. You have no way of knowing how much is necessary.  The proper dose is
usually more than one vial and can be up to 40 vials.
2. The risk of allergic reaction is high and you would have no way of
trating yourself if a severe reaction were to occur.
3. carrying the antivenin could create a false sense of security.
"The administration of antivenom can be hazardous and should not be
attempted by anyone other than a physician, and even then only in
situations... where potentially lethal allergic reactions can be monitored."
That is probably why it is hard to get your hands on it.
Peace and Love,