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[pct-l] trowels and towels

My SD tent requires a minimum of 3 tent stakes to set up, so I thought that 
I would try to get double duty out of my orange trowel and see if it would 
work as one of the stakes. I filed a small notch in the handle and found 
that it worked perfectly as the tent stake that holds the rainfly out in the 
front (creating the vestibule).

In fact, it worked so well in the sandy soil of SoCal that I was wishing 
that my other 2 stakes had a bit of a blade on them.

The glory of lightweight backpacking is finding all of the dual purpose uses 
for each item that you bring.

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> Towel: bandana!
> Trowel: the orange plastic one.  Folks who think they can dig a 
> responsibly sized hole with a rock, or the toe of their boot, or their 
> trekking pole are all kidding themselves.  Be a good hiker and bring a 
> real trowel.
> Packman
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