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[pct-l] Snike bite Kit....!

Groundpounder Bill, et al,

For the record, as per the Wilderness First Responder course that I
took, the Wilderness Medical Institute has stated that Sawyer extractors
and other extraction kits are not useful. They do not remove enough
venom for the amount of local tissue damage that they do. Regardless of
whether or not it is likely that you'll get bit, there's no need to
carry one because you're not supposed to use one anymore. I suppose you
can use one if you like - they're not contraindicated - but they won't
do you much good, if any.



Bighummel@aol.com wrote:

>Okay, in order to assess the reality of the risk and danger of getting bit by 
>a rattlesnake, let's take a poll of all of those hikers who have a huge 
>collective of trail experience, and see how many have been bitten in all of the 
>years of their backpacking, camping and hiking.  
>I will be the first to speak up;
>In 45 years of camping, hiking, climbing, doing geologic field work over a 
>huge amount of the southwestern U.S. I have NEVER been even struck at by a 
>rattler and NEVER been bit.  
>Have ANY of you?  
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