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[pct-l] water filter/purifier?

I have always used the PUR Hiker Filter.  It's now 
made by Katadyn, but the filter is the same.  I use 
a filter because I don't like floaties in my water.  
I carry Aqua Mira as a backup, but I rarely use it.

Gustafson <jgus@sunbow.org> wrote:I swear by Aqua Mira myself, I used it from Campo to Wrightwood, and 
was forced to use water that looked like I'd washed my socks in it. I 
prefiltered it through my sweaty bandana and put in an extra drop or 
two, and it tasted pretty good and didn't make me sick. It's what I 
use when solo; when hiking with someone and sharing the weight (and 
work) of a filter, I use an MSR filter that screws onto a Nalgene 
bottle and is field-cleanable.

That said, I am intrigued by the SteriPen. I found a website that 
offers them at a discount that grows with an increase in the number 
purchased. No tax, free shipping. Here's the web address:


Two Legs

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