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[pct-l] Books for tent reading


However, this book is probably more appropriate on the Appalachian Trail rather than the PCT.  Think Georgia and the Smokies.


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I'm looking for names of books that would be good reading while backpacking.  I would prefer a paperback for obvious reasons, something not too scary or too sappy would be good.  Something funny, or romantic would be acceptable as well.  Of course, subjects of hiking and wilderness travel are always top of the list.

My husband and I will be reading this book to each other over a 1 week trip.  Planning a trip along the North Coast Wilderness trail, Olympic National Park, end of March.  With long nights still in effect (7p-6a) of darkness, we will be spending more time in the tent than sleeping procludes.

Have read "Ecotopia" by Ernest Callenbach with good results, and am listening to "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson which is going well.  This general genre or similar would work well for me.

Any and all tips/suggestions are welcomed.

Terriann (Drag-n-fly)
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