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[pct-l] Trail Fest Side Trip

I thought we had to wolf down that time-honored Oregon gourmet trail dish - 
Shiskaslug !
Boy, was I niave.........

Wandering Bob

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Subject: [pct-l] Trail Fest Side Trip

> Good evening,
> If any of you out-of-towners visiting Portland for the PCTA Trail Fest 
> have
> time Sunday you may want to consider stretching your legs a bit with a 
> hike
> up the fabled PCT alternate, Eagle Creek Trail.  The trailhead is near
> Cascade Locks, only about 38 freeway miles from the event hotel.  A hike 
> can
> be as long or as short as you wish.  Punchbowl falls is a 4 mile 
> round-trip,
> Tunnel Falls is an 11 mile round trip, and there are many interesting 
> sights
> between.  If there is interest I can provide transportation for a few, and
> maybe some other locals can as well.  You will be pleased to know the 
> secret
> right-of-passage ritual, kissing a banana slug, is not required of Eagle
> Creek day-hikers.
> Steel-Eye
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