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[pct-l] trail songs and anthems

OK. I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't do this ... but I can't help but chime in
on the trail songs thread.

The greatest PCT song of all time in my book -- Stevie Wonder's "Higher
Ground" as done by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Savage riffs got me through
from I-80 to Belden.

And close behind, the Proclaimers' "500 Miles" ("oh I would walk 500 miles
/ and I would walk 500 more / just to be the man who / walked a thousand
miles / to fall down at your door ... " ) By the way, this works really
well as a pub anthem as well, for you Guiness drinkers out there ...

Today, doing an 18.6 on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, unfortunately I was stuck
with "the Hokey Pokey" by Dan Zanes. Those of you who have a two-year-old
in the house will probably be the only ones to fully understand how painful
that was.

Worst ever: America's "Horse with No Name" (Sorry Eric, but it's a truly
pustulant piece of Top 40 industrial waste...) The problem is once this
sucker gets stuck, it's stuck in there good -- for 20 miles. ("The ocean is
a desert with it's life underground and the perfect disguise above ..." Oh,
please. Excuse me while I vomit. The fact that this tripe actually cleared
the Billboard Top 10  just goes to prove there was a point when every
producer, radio exec, etc. in the Malibu scene of the mid-70s had a
collective seizure and blacked out from smoking too much cheeba...)

Ok. That's it. End of rant. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself ....